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By: Bud Decot (1925-2014)


So you want to be a champion!! Unmistakably and surprisingly enough you really are a champion!! Where? How? Why am I a champion?

Within you is the REAL CHAMPION. Everyone has the indwelling champion deep within his REAL SELF. What and where is the INFINITE REAL SELF? Nearer than your fingertips - closer than your very breath is the CHAMPION SELF.

In our human expression of life most everyone is seeking a successful self on the outside - in products or situations. Education, good products and training are all necessary for success but what about attitude and knowing the real self? It is unfortunately so common to hear one say, "If only I had a little more I could do it. --- If only I had that guys money and experience I could be a champ. --- If I only had more time to devote to this or that I could accomplish what I want."

This human attitude is the mental self in our "mind computer" - full of limited negative concepts.

Now this article calls for some definitions and deeper understandings.

What and who are we? BODY - MIND - SPIRIT!! In this human experience of life we largely function in mind and body. The body in and of itself is a vegetable with no intelligence of its own. Our body functions are controlled by mind.

What really is mind? We have a brain, yes!! So mind functions through the brain.....our storehouse of knowledge and concepts, right or wrong. Mind, therefore, is CONSCIOUSNESS. We are conscious of our body and all its activities. We are conscious of concepts of this life - how we accept or negate them. Just imagine all the concepts you have accepted throughout your lifetime which are contrary (negative) to the REAL YOU, the CHAMPION SELF!!

We humans seem to accept and store a lot of negative concepts in out "computer mind" unknowing blocking out the positive CHAMPION SELF. In the modern computer world there is a cliché that is most appropriate to mind control: "garbage in - garbage out." In other words, what we accept in our minds as truth or denial is what will come out in our lives as success or failure. Arent's we supposed to be CAPTAINS OF OUR OWN SHIPS - MASTERS OF OUR OWN DESTINY?

How does one lift himself to his higher consciousness? Can we all achieve greater things/ That, my friend, depends on YOU. Your SPIRIT SELF ( or SOUL SELF), call it what you like -- your CHAMPION SELF can not be defined in words. Your CHAMPION SELF is an experience WITHIN YOU. Only you can communicate with your REAL SELF. Go within your deeper self and meet the REAL CHAMPION. Remember, there's no competition to beat out there in life but your own 'little finite limited self.' This 'little limited self' is only your collection of negative concepts that can be disposed of and will disappear when you become aware of your REAL SELF. Lastly, but moat importantly, "It is done unto you as you believe."

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