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Sight Vision Cycle

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By: Bud Decot (1925-2014)


What happens when you look at something? Do you really see that something with your eyes? Let's examine vision a little deeper.

When an object, such as a target, is in view, what activates our system to "go for it?" Light reflected off a target enters the pupil of our eye and is carried back to the retina (interior screen of our eye). There the optic nerve activates the light vibrations and transmits them to the back of our brain which is the visual cortex. It is then relayed through the internal structure to the forebrain where area of thought occurs. From there it goes to the mid-brain where you have gross matter movement and fine matter movement. From this area it sends stimuli to the Nuclei of Cranial Nerves #3, 4 and 6 to move your eyes. What you now have is a visual cycle set up that joins the eyes, mind, and body into a synchronized system of receptors.

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