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By: Bud Decot (1925-2014)


Think about it!! Who are we? Where are we? What are we?

If we could find the answers to the above question we'd be living a life of completeness....without fear, without opposition....without lack of anything.

First let's take the question, "Who are we?" Are we this body? NO!! This body I call me is MINE-to use as I wish. I can make this body strong and healthy by continuous exercise programs and filling it with nutritious foods or I can abuse it in many different ways.

If this body is just an instrument for my use then where am I? I must admit my body functions through my mind. Isn't it true we can think good healthy thoughts or slip into depressing thoughts!! It's really our choice what thoughts we entertain.

So that leads me to believe i AM NOT the mind! My mind is an instrument, just as my body is to use as I choose. Think about it!! The action of my daily life depends on how I use my mind and body.

The question then arises, who and where am I? The real ME has got to be CONSCIOUSNESS. Where is CONSCIOUSNESS?? CONSCIOUSNESS has no form, no physical identity, CONSCIOUSNESS is indefinable. No doctor can cut you open and find the real you. They can find and repair your heart, liver, lungs and brain but they still can't find the real you.

Can you understand the real you is invisible, incorporeal (without form)? For lack of a better word our true identity is CONSCIOUSNESS!!

Our so called limitations in life are our beliefs we entertain that we are struggling mortals-confined in the human body. Think about it!! Let yourself out of the finite limitations you believe in and start exercising a belief in that unknown HIGHER SELF who is not confined or limited to body or mind. This greater YOU has unlimited possibilities!!

The REAL YOU is the master of your life IF and WHEN you learn to communicate with IT!! Listen within for guidance.

This whole understanding has nothing to do with ordinary religious beliefs or psychology It is the wisdom of old, "Being in the world but not it"....Meaning, your life patterns begin with WITHING YOU. Think about it. We have blamed our parents, nationality, education (or lack of it)....we blame everyone and everything for our lack and limitations in our life. There's an old bit of wisdom that fits in here, "Nothing outside us defileth or make the a lie". The decisions of your life begins "WITHIN YOU".

So our journey through life is SELF INDUCED, SELF MAINTAINED, SELF SUSTAINED!! A simple answer to our life can be concluded as: I am a reflection of my own state of consciousness!! Choose ye who you will serve....the little finite you imprisoned within the mental sensual self or the REAL YOU who lives above and beyond the opposites of this human sense world!!

Seek first the champion within you then all else will unfold into harmony and successful living.

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