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Get Out of Your Own Way

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By: Bud Decot (1925-2014)


You might ask; "What does this title mean, 'Get Out of Your Own Way?' How does this pertain to my sport? It can really open up a longer and deeper conversation about what and who you are.

Ask yourself, who is mostly responsible for your actions, both good and bad? You are! Who sells you short of being a champion? You do! Who interferes in your progress? You do! Who is the most critical person to correct? You are!

So, if the above is true, then what can we do about the situation? Sure, the easy way out is to blame your parents, former teachers, husband or wife, your government, religion or even your nationality. That could satisfy you to some extent, but it will never solve the ultimate problem.

The wisdom books of old all say, in their own way, have dominion (control) over everything outside your own being. Find the ultimate power within your own self. Take control of yourself with positive discipline, then you'll see the champion come out in your actions. Why...why don't we give ourselves more credit in life? Who knows? This may be the time in life to look deeper within ourselves to find those hidden potentials. Where can we start? Why not at our chosen recreational sport, such as shotgunning, golf, tennis or the many other friendly competitive sports that are popular?

During the past half century, I have been serving men, women and children in the sporting world of shotgunning. It truly amazes me how tough some people are on themselves and they don't even realize what they're doing to themselves. I guess it's all part of human nature. However, there are those, and plenty of them, that have a great zest for life finding health, happiness and success in the years that roll along.

What does it all boil down to? SELF-HELP in capital letters. Throughout this nation, in every decent bookstore there are shelves of self-help books written by many different authors with equally as many different ways to achieve or motivate your positive drive to success and happiness within.

There's not just one way to be "captain of your own ship" or "master of your own destiny." Search for yourself until something moves you in the right direction. You must remember that whatever you hold in your heart and mind becomes a part of your life. Right or wrong, you created it and must live with it. The life outside you is the direct result of where you put yourself and how you think.

Let's face it! To be a champion you must think like a champion, you must act like a champion with inner confidence. You must believe within yourself that you are a champion.

Read my article, Mental Vision, published a couple years ago in this magazine, for reference.

In closing, I'd like to share with you a poem by an unknown author that lifted yours truly to new heights many years ago.

The Man in the Glass
When you get what you want in your struggle for gain And the world makes you king for the day Go to the mirror and look at yourself and see what That person has to say. For it's not your father or mother or husband or wife Whose judgment upon you must pass. The one whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back in the glass. Now, you may have been one who got good breaks And you think you're a wonderful guy. But your final reward is heartaches and tears If you've cheated that man in the glass.

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