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Do You Have The Best Eyewear For The Hunt!

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By: Decot Optician Robert L. Lewis


When planning any hunting trip whether it is for a day or an entire week there is always one looming question: Do I have the right equipment to get the job done? Besides my gun of choice, clothing, boots, hat, and camp equipment, I make certain that I have the best eyewear for the hunt. In doing so there are always three things to consider.

First and foremost, I choose a shooting glass frame that is lightweight, durable, and comfortable such as the Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses. Just as important are my lens selections. Deciding on the best shade of whatever color it is that I will be wearing is crucial. I find that it's a good rule of thumb to wear the lightest possible shade and at the same time still have my eyes feel relaxed. By doing so, I avoid robbing my eyes of much needed light.

Sometimes the hardest decision, but always the most important, is selecting the lens color that will give me that extra edge to make my hunt even more successful. Colors such as Gold-15 and yellow may be utilized in a multitude of different hunting applications. As well as proving useful in low light situations, I find that a yellow tint is extremely effective when hunting Quail in the high deserts of Arizona. Its' light gathering properties illuminate those areas under trees and bushes that quail like to use to for cover. Over the years I have found my Light Target Orange and Light Medium Target Orange lenses extremely effective when hunting deer and even elk. I use these colors in the minutes just before sunrise and immediately following sunset for increased amounts of light and to offer contrast.

Other lens colors such as bronze can be very instrumental when hunting in the higher elevations and vast open wilderness of Alaska. Bronze lenses provide superior contrast between the lavish green surroundings and such large game animals as the caribou. I have found many people that prefer using a V-Lite Rose lens for hunting quail and pheasant in the mid-west. And, whether I'm fishing or just driving, there is no substitute for a pair of polarized lenses. Bronze and Target Sun Polarized lenses are a favorite for those hunters who are extremely sensitive to glare.

The professionals at Decot Hy-Wyd can answer any of your questions regarding the right lens for your hunting needs. Call 800-528-1901.

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