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Classic Hy-Wyd with Spring Hinge Temples

Hand made in the USA, this unique shooting glass has quality material and craftsmanship design.

All Completes include frame, one pair of lenses, protective case, side shields, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and spray cleaner.

All Decot non-Rx lenses come standard in our shatter proof Polycarbonate lens material.  Due to the fact that Decot Hy-Wyd provides eyewear for various non-impact sports, other outdoor activities, and shooting sports all Rx lenses come standard with CR-39 impact resistant lenses*.  Hi-Index lenses are available for certain stronger prescriptions.  If your sport requires a shatter proof lens we offer Polycarbonate and Trivex materials.

*NOTE: The purchase of CR-39 or Hi-Index lenses automatically implies acknowledgement and the understanding that these lens materials meet all impact resistant standards in FDA 21 CFR 801.410. (d)(2). This does not mean that these lenses are shatterproof.

ColorMag lenses come standard with Polycarbonate lenses.

Visit our Lenses page for additional lenses.

Size: Hy-Wyd 64 Hy-Wyd 67 Hy-Wyd 69
Color: Black Gold

Plano ($160.00)
Rx Single Vision ($240.00)
Rx Bifocal ($275.00)
Rx Trifocal ($315.00)
Rx Progressive ($375.00)

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