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General Info - Frames

Decot Hy-Wyd FRAMES are manufactured at the Phoenix, Arizona, facility. The"Classic Hy-Wyd" frame come in three sizes: 64-junior or ladies, 67- standard, and 69 large. They come in black or gold finish with spring hinge temples. The frame is manufactured from high quality spring metal, and sets behind the interchangeable lenses, eliminating smudging and fogging around the forehead and nasal area. It is lighter than titanium!

The Hy-Wyd frame was designed by Bud Decot to meet the shooters needs. It has a 3mm bridge so there is very little space between the lenses. The lenses set high and wide allowing a wide field of vision. The cable temples keep the glasses comfortably in place. The optional Hy-Lo bridge raises and lowers the frame to keep the optical center in the perfect place for your shooting requirements.

The "Revel" frame is designed to set closer to the face, no brow bar, and the narrow lens shape (top to bottom) keeps the glasses off the cheek and provides proper ventilation to reduce fogging.  It is made with the same high quality material as the Classic Hy-Wyd but has a 6mm bridge width.  The wrap style is more form fitting and the Revel is lighter weight than the Classic.  It comes in either a Silver or Black finish in two sizes 64 or 68.

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