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Mental Vision

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By: Bud Decot (1925-2014)

This may be the most provocative article you'll ever read in a magazine. Try to have an open, searching mind so you can understand the essence of this article.

Many of you have heard me quote one of my favorite wisdoms, "You only LOOK with your EYES, you really SEE with your MIND." This I believe is not fully understood by the multitude of sportsmen.

For the past 42 years I've served the sporting world with our famous sport glasses and believe me, I've heard all the excuses for missing a target and then some!!

Here within is my personal observation and analysis of why you're not one of the champs breaking all the targets.

First let's take your eyes. They are a unique instrument which channels light rays through a hole (your pupil) and transmits light into brain waves. There's a lot more technical and medical terminology to explain this process, however, at this moment I'm interested in conveying to you your reaction to this process.

Do you really see what you're looking at? Think about it!! It's your turn to shoot..., the target goes out and keeps flying... "Lost Bird". What do we hear some say?

"Oh that jet stream bothered me" ... "Oh those damn kids yelling behind me made me lose my concentration" ... "This squad I'm on has lousy timing" ... and so on and so on goes the excuses.

What does it all boil down to is Lack of mental discipline and mental vision. Most of you have the finest equipment money can buy and you have the knowledge and experience of the sport. Why are you always an "Also run posting brides maid scores"?

Let's analyze the mind!! What is the mind? You have a brain but where is the mind? Your mind is your state of consciousness functioning through your brain. Then VISION IS A STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS interpreted by the mind via your brain capacity. Think about it! WHAT YOU ARE IS WHAT YOU THINK!! SO, CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT YOU REALLY ARE.

All the champions I have served these past 42 years have all shown me, in their own individual ways -- confidence, discipline, and one mindedness. In other words they have a strong conviction within themselves that they are a champion and they "go for it" every time they perform.


Without mental discipline our minds wander and out thoughts become interruptions to our concentration. How do we overcome this lack of concentration and become "CAPTAINS OF OUR OWN SHIP ... MASTER OF OUR OWN DESTINY"? It's not easy but it can be done. There are many ways to discipline the self into a higher amd more successful life. First you must have the deep desire and apply the discipline to a search that will unfold within you. Read some biographies of famous people to see the hurdles and problems they overcame to become the champion of their professions. It takes a lot of YOU to get the little you out of the way so the champion can come through. THE ONLY COMPETITOR YOU HAVE TO BEAT IS YOUR UNDISCIPLINED MIND. Your body and mind will serve your mental vision well... if your consciousness transmits concentrated discipline to the NOW of your reactions. Think about it! The last minute is gone forever ... the future minute can't help you until it becomes NOW. NOW is the only moment you can live and react. YOUR CONCENTRATED NOW MOMENT CONTINUALLY ACTIVATED WITH CONFIDENCE AND DISCIPLINE WILL REWARD YOU AS A CHAMPION.

The computer industry has a favorite cliche which can be applied to your MENTAL VISION process. "Garbage in ... garbage out". In other words, entertain positive thoughts or negative thoughts and those we accept in our minds will make or break us as champions. Now you know why I've always called you "champ". I know that deep within you the champion is there, awaiting your personal efforts to yoke it out.

For those of you unfamiliar with my terminology I'd like to give the following definitions, as I use them, so you might better understand the above:

MENTAL VISION: A process of understanding that which you are looking at..

MIND: Consciousness functioning through the brain capacity.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Is your true identity. What you are conscious of is your world of thoughts. Raise your consciousness to your positive self and see positive reaction in your life.

BODY: Is an instrument to use. Without consciousness your body would be a vegetable, unable to function.

BRAIN: Is also an instrument for consciousness to transmit thoughts and store memory. The thoughts you think, good or bad, are yours to accept or reject. The real you (consciousness) can organize and discipline yourself as champion in all your endeavors. MENTAL VISION IS PERFECT VISION WITHIN THE CHAMPION.

In conclusion, I'd suggest re-reading this article many times to grasp the deeper meaning.

Thanks for the pleasure you've given me in these years of service and experience. Every customer of mine has been a teacher of life to me.

Good luck champ!

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